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Terms of Service:
At Talkied we aim to create a community built for it's members...not advertisers. That means we're more interested in providing a service than collecting data on you. We do not collect data and sell it to anyone. That is our promise. Any data we collect is meant to help provide a better service to you and not more information to advertisers.

We also want to make sure Talkied is both safe and fun...yet open to allow you to speak freely. There is no wrong-think on Talkied. There are however a few ways you can get flagged, put on probation and eventually banned. We'd prefer not to do these things.
1. No Pornography: Please keep your pants on. Any photography below the waist will be deleted and we may ban your account. We will not hesitate to work with legal authorities if there are any posts related to illegal pornography such as revenge porn or child pornography.

2. No Bullying - No Mobs: Mob rule stifles free speech. If you choose to bully another member or gang up against them, your account will be subject to probation and potentially banned. We aim to build a fun social network without bullying. Debate freely & honestly, but practice the golden rule and everything will be all good.

3. No Illegal Activty: You know your city, state & country laws better than we do...so don't break them. Authorities would love for us to help them convict criminals.

These are our most important terms of service. In the future, we may develop different ways to manage negative behavior on Talkied.

Indemnification of Talkied:
We will do everything in our power to ensure your safety. However, by using our service, you indemnify Talkied of any harm caused to you. Things such as loss of income, emotional distress, physical harm, etc.

Our Principles:
Free Speech Zone
No Bullying or Mobs
Have Fun